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Family Organizing

As a parent, we are sometimes overwhelmed with all the responsibilities that go along with parenting. Running a household requires time management, paper management, focus, and being able to do it all with the love that our family deserves.

When our children are babies, we accumulate items that are small and we can usually find space for their “stuff”. As they get older, their “stuff” gets bigger. At this stage, as your personal organizer, I work with you, the parent, to establish daily routines to keep you on task, find ways to organize the many toys that have accumulated, and to teach you how to maintain your newly organized spaces.

Once our children start school, the paperwork becomes overwhelming. Art projects, permission slips, report cards, homework, and graded papers start to take over our living space. There are ways to calm this paper chaos and as your personal organizer, I will work with you to create an organized system that works with your personality and your lifestyle. At this stage, I can also work with your children and teach them about routines, organizing their rooms, basic organizing skills, and homework organization. You are never too young to learn organizational skills that will last a lifetime.

Working with families is near and dear to my heart because I am a mom and love my family. We want our children to someday be able to maintain a household on their own with organization skills essential to have a well balanced life. Children learn what they watch so as you become more organized, so will your children.

As we work together, we establish a strong working relationship that is built on trust, honesty, and confidentiality. We discuss what you want from the space we are working on and then make a plan to have it be what you envisioned. Organizing is a process that can envelop four hours or hundreds of hours, depending on your circumstances, motivation, and desired results.

Family Organizing Services include:

  • Toy Rooms
  • TV & Gaming rooms
  • Home Offices
  • Paperwork systems for school papers
  • Homework centers
  • Setting up a command central station in your home
  • Bedrooms
  • Calendar/Planner organizing

My goal is for you and your family to feel at home in your space. Call or email me today to schedule your FREE consultation. Let’s get started!

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