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12 Jun

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June 12, 2014

It was great to have you at the meeting. I am constantly looking for new strategies on staying organized. I also took a few hours this weekend to work on the pile of paperwork that was a result of my being on vacation for a week and getting it into folders in a vertical file folder. I felt an immense sense of relief to be able to look at the folders and know I could see exactly what I would need to do on Monday.

In every home, paperwork can take over the spaces if it's not addressed on a regular basis.. Bills, mail, art projects, permission slips, homework, are just a few of....

Our homes and lives are full of “stuff”. Sometimes this stuff becomes overwhelming and you need help sorting through the clutter to make room for what is important in your life...

Having your own small business means that usually you wear all the hats – you are the accountant, the worker, the secretary, the delivery person...

Organizing is a process that can envelop four hours or hundreds of hours, depending on your circumstances, motivation, and desired results...